Alexander Fine is a history undergraduate student at Eugene Lang the New School for Liberal Arts. He is currently a digital humanities fellow at the New School for Social Research where he helps integrate digital skills into course curriculum. 

Alexander's research interests include: computational and digital history, Twitter, and food history.

Selected Writing

Us White People (medium.com)

"White people are the worst."
If you’re like me and hang around left-leaning, liberal arts educated folk you’ve heard this sentence uttered a lot. But chances are you’ve heard that sentence from white people ourselves.


Reply All’s earnest tone allows the hosts to tell complex, dark, and heavy stories about esoteric and weird pockets of the Internet. Reply All attempts to understand these unusual communities and relationships built online. There are moments of absolute hilarity, but these moments are always distinctly humble, and come during interviews where a subject is willing to laugh at themselves and how surreal it can be.